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PPG Metallic Paint 1 Quart (Ralph Lauren Regent Metallic)


Product Description

Attention:   Ralph Lauren paints are discontinued.   However, the manufacturer (PPG) is making the same paint under the PPG label.   We are able to tint Ralph Lauren colors in the PPG metallic paint.  It is the same formula as before - the only difference is the can will say PPG rather than Ralph Lauren.


For the best look for you Ralph Lauren Regent metallic paints it is highly recommended you use a Ralph Lauren Regent Specialty Roller Cover.   Click Here.


Ralph Lauren Regent Metallics are a collection of Luminous Paint that adds a shimmering richness to classic colors.  Insipired by military and heraldric trim.



Colors: Bases & Custom Colors Only
Finish: Flat, 0-5 units @ 85 degrees
Clean-up Solvent: Soap & water
Density: 10.38 lbs/gal (1.25 kg/L)
VOC: 0.76 lbs/gal (91 g/L)
Solids: Volume: 41% +/- 1% Weight: 52% +/- 1%
Practical Coverage: Apply at 200 sq. ft/gal
(5 m2/L). Actual coverage may vary depending on substrate and application

Flash Point: None
Flame Spread Rating:
Class A (0-25) over
non-combustible surfaces
Dry Time:
77°F (25°C) & 50% RH –
To touch: 2 hours
To recoat: 4 hours

Acrylic Copolymer Resin
Not manufactured with lead or mercury containing materials.

Read Label and Material Safety Data
Sheet prior to use.

Product Description
RALPH LAUREN REGENT METALLICS is an interior acrylic based finish designed to
produce elegant metallic effects.
Apply to Trim For Antiqued Metallic Finish
Can be Applied to Walls Using Ralph Lauren Rollers for Hammered Effect
Low Odor/VOC
Easy Soap & Water Clean-up
Metallic Faux Finish Applications

Recommended For
For interior use on properly prepared surfaces including walls, trim and doors.
Applicators Needed – Ralph Lauren 9” Regent Metallics Roller. Ralph Lauren 4” Regent
Metallics Trim Roller.

BRUSHING (TRIM WORK) – Apply evenly in a single direction (horizontal or vertical) with a premium
quality nylon/polyester brush. Do not feather the end of the brush stroke; leave a thick, wet
edge so that it may be blended with the next brush stroke for an even finish. For complete coverage,
apply two coats or more, allowing four hours dry time between coats. ANTIQUING – Brush
onto intricate trimwork in sections no greater than 12” at a time, working paint into all crevices.
Do not feather the end of the brush stroke; leave a thick, wet edge. Immediately wipe a lint free
adsorbent rag gently across the surface, leaving some Regent Metallics in the crevices. Leave
about 1” of the leading edge un-wiped so that it may be blended with the next strip applied.
Trimwork must be smooth; rough wood will snag the cloth and cause undesired results. SPONGING
AND RAGGING – For dazzling single or multicolor effects, apply Regent Metallics in one or
more colors with a natural sea sponge or a bunched up rag. Dip the tip of the sponge or bunched
up rag in paint, then dab it on paper so that it’s damp but not dripping. Press it gently to the surface,
allowing the pores of the sponge or folds of the rag to create a light, random pattern. Allow
each color to dry at least two hours before applying the next. WALLS – Please determine beforehand
if the height of your wall will accommodate a continuous ceiling to floor sweep.
New and previously painted surfaces should be primed with the appropriate latex primer prior to
applying paint. See primer label directions for specific instructions. Begin at one end of the wall
at the ceiling with the Ralph Lauren 4” Regent Metallics Trim Roller to “Cut In” along the ceiling
and corner. Roll slowly to prevent splatter. “Cut In” a 20” section as you go. The coating must be
applied in 20” x 20” sections. Before the “Cut In” dries, begin at the ceiling with the Ralph
Lauren 9” Regent Metallics Roller and using light roller pressure fill in the remainder of the first
section, overlapping the “Cut In” by no more than 1/4”. Again reload the roller every 20”. Work
your way down the wall. When the column is complete, follow with a light ceiling to floor sweep
without lifting or reloading the roller. Please determine beforehand if the height of your wall will
accommodate a continuous ceiling to floor sweep. Continue working across the wall in 20” x 20”
sections, completing one column at a time. Overlap on columns should be no more than 1/4”.
When you get near the end of the first wall, use the 4” Regent Metallics Trim Roller to “Cut In”
from the corner. The first coat will appear uneven. Allow to dry at least four hours, then repeat
the above process for the second coat. Upon drying, the second coat will appear even and afford
complete coverage. Two coats are required for complete coverage. Remove tape after second
coat has dried at least four hours. Run a razor knife along the edge where the tape and paint
meet to avoid pulling off any dried paint. Paint trim work last with a brush. Ralph Lauren Regent
Metallics can also be used as a basecoat under faux finish applications.
The Regent Metallics can be spray applied by QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS using an HVLP. We
recommend a four stage turbine HVLP which will produce 6-8 psi. Use a tip set recommended
by the spray equipment manufacturer for latex paint. This is usually the larger tip with an orifice
of around 2.2 mm or 0.087 inch. Regent Metallics should be reduced 10% for spraying. Adjust
flow for best atomization. If needed, up to an additional 5% water reduction can be made. Do
not over reduce. Surfaces should be primed with a premium quality latex primer. For best hiding,
tint primer towards finish coat color.

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